Ce que nos clients


"Type 2 diabetes runs in my family so I started taking Metavo preventatively. I was expecting the taste to be harsh like a green powder but it is the opposite! It tastes very light and is easy to drink. I will definitely continue taking it."

--- Derek S, 40


I have been taking Metavo daily for over a month now and have noticed a huge improvement in not only my digestion, but also my sugar cravings have significantly declined. I experienced post partum with both my daughters and found that a bonus side effect was that this seemed to stabilize my mood in a very positive way! The taste is very subtle when you follow the directions and when added to a smoothie I couldn’t taste it at all. I am excited to keep taking it!

— Leslie H, 41


"I have been taking Metavo for just about a month and I found it easily dissolved in milk, I liked the taste and that I was getting avocado everyday! Bonus that it helped keep me regular as well."

- Susan, 64